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House Siding Cleaning

The conventional method for cleaning the exterior siding of your home has been to use a pressure washer. Charlotte Roof Cleaning does not use a high pressure cleaning process.

Charlotte Roof Cleaning uses a non-pressure, soft wash process to safely and effectively clean the exterior siding of your home. Our cleaning process eliminates the harmful effects that high pressure from a pressure-washer can have on your siding, the structure behind your siding, paint and windows. We have adapted our non-pressure roof cleaning technology to safely clean exterior siding. We use a low pressure pump system to gently apply our specially formulated cleaning solution to the exterior surface of your home. After a few minutes we then rinse the siding with fresh water leaving the exterior of your home clean again! Our cleaning system safely and effectively removes dirt, grime, mildew and algae from all types of exterior surfaces. We can safely clean vinyl, aluminum, painted wood, stucco and even Dryvit siding.


Gutter Maintenance

Gutter cleaning should be included on your to-do list when it comes to home maintenance.

Gutters are installed to direct rainwater away from the foundation of your house. Leaves and debris falling from trees around your house can build up in your gutter system and cause your down-spouts to become clogged. This can cause water runoff from your roof to overflow your gutters. If the blockage remains for an extended period of time, the water runoff can cause excessive moisture buildup in your crawl space or basement, leading to mold contamination. If your house is built on a slab, excessive runoff can undermine its foundation. The weight of leaves, debris and water in a clogged gutter system can cause the gutters to pull away from the fascia board (the portion of the house’s structure to which the gutters are mounted) and possibly tear away from your house completely. If water from a blocked gutter drains between your gutter and fascia, the fascia can begin to rot. The simple solution to all of these problems caused by clogged gutters is to have your gutters cleaned at least one time each year, preferably in the spring. Some homeowners prefer to clean their own gutter systems. For those of you who would rather leave the messy job to the professionals, Charlotte Roof Cleaning offers our service to properly clean your gutter system.


Debris Removal

In order to prevent damage to your gutters, Charlotte Roof Cleaning uses ladders with standoffs that prevent the ladder from coming in contact with the gutter. We remove the debris by hand so that you are assured that all debris has been removed and properly disposed of. Once all debris has been removed we thoroughly rinse the entire gutter system to assure proper drainage. The price of gutter cleaning varies with each house that we do. We have to consider the linear footage of your gutter system, the severity of debris buildup, and accessibility to the gutters when determining a price to clean the gutter system on any house. We offer free estimates and would be more than happy to take a look at your gutter system and give you a price for our gutter cleaning service.


Gutter Brightening

If the exterior of your gutters have become darkened and discolored we can bring them back to their original color with our specially formulated gutter cleaning solution. We lightly brush our cleaning solution onto your gutters. After a short wait, we brush the gutters again and then rinse to reveal clean, new looking gutters.

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